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My Philosophy

Curiosity and a love of learning have guided my life for as long as I can remember and while I continue to pursue new environments and experiences to learn from for myself, I have also found great joy in taking on the role of teaching and sharing my passion for new knowledge with others. As both a one-on-one tutor as well as a classroom instructor in a wide variety of situations, I approach each lesson with the hope of not just revealing new information to be had but also connecting it with what the student might already know and what might be important to them in their own life. The ability to synthesize different modes of thinking, from the abstract and creative to the strictly analytic, is, I believe, a unique strength that I have developed in following the diverse pursuits cataloged throughout this site. My goal as a teacher is not just to help my students know more, which they inevitably will, but to think better, and to leave them with both new curiosity and the confidence to follow it.


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